Skoin & M PLUS series, makes wireless speakers come to be multi-functional device such as lamp, torch even power bank. With modular components, M PLUS could combine and expand more useful functions.

WOW!dea M PLUS Modular Wireless Speaker

2017 NEW ARRIVALblank M PLUS Modular Wireless Speaker is designed for outdoor activities. With innovative interfaces and functional components, it presents a special modular design. Just combine several modules and you will get a monophonic or stereophonic wireless speaker, an outdoor lamp, a portable power bank and more.

WOW!dea SKOIN M3/M3E Multi-Functional Wireless Speaker & Lamp

China Good Design Awardblank With innovation and utility as the core concept, the lamp is designed from users’ perspective to meet a variety of daily needs, including night lamp, reading, eye protection (cell phone browsing or TV watching), audio, alarm clock, dual USB charger, and 10000 mAh power bank.