© KNOCKR, a series of creative outdoor products under WOW!dea®, achieves easy and convenient outdoor trips that that are full of joy.

WOW!dea KNOCKR Multi-functional Safety Hammer for Outdoor & Auto

redstarreddotgoldenpinreddotKNOCKR K6 provides people in danger with the necessary assistance that allows them to escape, send warning signals and seek help, making trips safer.

WOW!dea KNOCKR K-POWER Outdoor Portable Charger

KNOCKR KP (K-POWER) Outdoor Portable Charger, very fits on your outdoor travel, with built-in 5000 mAh POLY Li-ion battery, IPX4 waterproof, IEC5 Dust-proof, and hard as rock, more durable than ever.

WOW!dea KNOCKR K-TUBE Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

KNOCKR K-TUBE Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker, with IPX4 waterproof, PEC5 dust-proof and 1m anti-fall, 10~30m transmission, compatible with the most smart devices, Very fits on your outdoor travel.