WOW!dea M PLUS Modular Wireless Speaker

2017 NEW ARRIVALblank M PLUS Modular Wireless Speaker is designed for outdoor activities. With innovative interfaces and functional components, it presents a special modular design. Just combine several modules and you will get a monophonic or stereophonic wireless speaker, an outdoor lamp, a portable power bank and more.

WOW!dea SKOIN M3/M3E Multi-Functional Wireless Speaker & Lamp

China Good Design Awardblank With innovation and utility as the core concept, the lamp is designed from users’ perspective to meet a variety of daily needs, including night lamp, reading, eye protection (cell phone browsing or TV watching), audio, alarm clock, dual USB charger, and 10000 mAh power bank.

WOW!dea MOCA X7s Multi-Functional Portable Data Card

iFblankredstarreddotgoldenpinreddotMOCA X7s aims at providing a card-type versatile tool for users in an era of mobile Internet. With a number of proprietary patented technologies, it integrates OTG function, charger cable, syncing cable, MicroSD (TF)/SD (MMC) data storage card and SIM-eject tool within card-size space 5mm thin and fits easily into your wallet.

WOW!dea MOCA X8 Multi-functional Data & Portable Charger

moca x8redstar awardmoca x8MOCA X8 is the upgraded version of the Red Dot Award winner MOCA X7. It helps you to back up data, expands storage and charges mobile devices without the help of any other accessories, adding convenience and fun to your trips.

WOW!dea MOCA X7 Multi-functional Portable Data Card

reddotreddotredstarreddotgoldenpinreddotMOCA X7 is a unique breakthrough in that it packs numerous useful functions into a single slim device, taking the place of a wide variety of digital accessories, and thus enabling you to go on your business trips without the bunch of wires.

WOW!dea KNOCKR Multi-functional Safety Hammer for Outdoor & Auto

redstarreddotgoldenpinreddotKNOCKR K6 provides people in danger with the necessary assistance that allows them to escape, send warning signals and seek help, making trips safer.


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